Conversations from: December 2011

Which? Convo in 2011 – the best Conversations of the year

What a year for Which? Conversation! Not only have we popped our first award into our trophy cabinet, we've had a bumper year of popular posts. So here's our run down of the best Conversations of 2011... (the best Convos of 2011...)

Discrimination on the door – why should men pay more?

Dressing to the nines this New Year? Will you be as prepared with your party rights as your outfit? I’m not joking – you might need to stand up to nightclub bouncers if they charge different prices for men and women. (more about discrimination on the door...)

What a year! Reminiscing on our 2011 campaign successes

The year's coming to a close, so I'd like to look back on our achievements. Together, we've accomplished many positive changes - some have taken days to resolve, others have been the result of months of hard work. (more about our campaign successes...)

What’s your biggest purchase regret of 2011?

As 2011 comes to a close, here’s your chance to reflect on all the things you spent money on and weigh up whether they were worth all that dosh. What product do you wish you didn’t bother buying in 2011? (more about your biggest purchase regrets...)

Modern cars are too technologically advanced for their own good

Endless options, multiple menus, duplicate dashboard screens... modern cars are brimming with extra features to make you feel more in control. But I personally find all these in-car gadgets have the opposite effect. (more about in-car tech...)

Returning Christmas gifts – don’t get your rights wrong

It's the big hunt for the receipt! Christmas gifts have been exchanged and now it's a trek back to the shop with unwanted presents. But before you join the long customer services queue - do you know your rights? (more about returning rights...)

What bells and whistles do you want on kitchen appliances?

Ice dispensing fridge freezers, eco washing dishwashers and fully programmable cookers… kitchen appliances come with lots of extra features, but which do you find essential and which can you live without? (more about kitchen appliance features...)

We’ve tested camera-bundled software, so is it any good?

Is the photo-editing software that comes bundled with cameras worth the polycarbonate it’s written on? My initial hunch was that it does nothing more than clog up your PC, but what have our tests concluded? (more about camera-bundled software...)

What were the best and worst cars of 2011?

Carmakers, look away now. Members of the Which? Car team have nominated their best and worst new cars of 2011 – with surprising results. The Evoque gets yet another accolade, but others don't do so well. (our best and worst cars of 2011...)

Quit it with the barrage of payday loan ads

As payday lenders bombard vulnerable consumers with direct advertising, it isn't any wonder that some fall into a spiral of debt, especially at this time of year when money is getting tight. (more about payday loan ads...)

Your comments: TV ads ARE too loud!

As we all sit down to watch Boxing Day telly, there’s one thing getting in the way of perfect festive viewing – adverts. And according to many of you, it’s not just their that content annoys, it’s their volume too. (more about your loud TV comments...)

What’s the weirdest Christmas present you’ve ever been given?

Today the nation will collectively open millions of presents. But how many of those gifts will be weird, wacky or even unwanted? Here, Which? staff reveal their strangest Christmas gifts. (more about weird Christmas presents...)

Are you dreading your Christmas cooking marathon?

That time is approaching – it’s only one more sleep until you, or some saintly family member, is cooking Christmas dinner. Are you confident in the menu (turkey is it?) or are you dreading getting started? (more about Christmas dinner...)

New financial watchdog must succeed where the old one failed

MPs and Lords released recommendations on what the new financial watchdog should be focusing on earlier this week, making for interesting reading. But will their suggestions be enough to ensure its success? (more about new financial watchdog...)

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