Conversations from: November 2011

Is bigger better when it comes to dining out?

You're planning a meal out; do you opt for a little Italian, a curry house, or a bustling Mexican? Thanks to a new 'super restaurant' you may not have to choose – but do you want to dine with 1,000 others? (more about 'super restaurants'...)

Have you read any good films recently?

Many good books have been made into bad films, and some have even been made into good films. Yet, it seems like this repackaging of content is happening more than ever, and I’m starting to feel quite short-changed. (more about film remakes...)

Are video game publishers taking gamers for a ride?

Modern video games have brought many developments, some have been a boon for gamers, and others a bitter pill. Now, a French consumer group has called for an official investigation into buggy and restrictive games. (more about video games publishers...)

Will the Autumn Statement impact your pocket?

George Osborne’s first Autumn Statement comes amidst an encircling financial crisis and fears of a double-dip recession. Will any of his plans make a difference to the man and woman on the street? (more about the Autumn Statement...)

IEA: Scrap minimum wage to tackle youth unemployment

The government has announced a £1bn scheme to get unemployed young people working again. But will it work? Mark Littlewood of the Institute of Economic Affairs argues the case for a very different solution. (more about youth unemployment...)

Buggy smartphones are stinging early adopters

It’s been an exciting few months in the world of smartphones. There’s the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the first Nokia Windows Phone, the Lumia 800. What do all these launches have in common? Bugs. (more about buggy smartphones...)

How a contactless payment took me by surprise

Q: What's quick, easy and stays inside your wallet? A: A 'contactless' card. But what happens when it's too quick and easy and you end up using this payment without even choosing to? That's what happened to me… (more about contactless payments...)

Don’t drive youngsters off the roads

As if young people aren't charged enough for car insurance, insurers are now calling for some far-fetched restrictions on when and how they can drive. Why don't they just focus on improving driving standards? (more about insurance for young people...)

Orange puts its prices up – so why can’t you cancel?

Orange is hiking its pay monthly price plans by 4.34%. And not just for new customers - existing customers will get hit too. It doesn’t stop there - Orange won’t let you cancel your contract. Is that fair – or legal? (more about Orange's price rise...)

Companies should treat Facebook complaints like any other

A report out this week looked at response times from companies when you complain about them on their Facebook wall. The times ranged from less than one hour to… never. Why do some companies get it so wrong? (more about complaining on Facebook...)

Will energy bills go up or down – who should we believe?

Energy bills are going to be £280 higher in 2020, cries the media. No, they’ll be £94 cheaper, shouts Chris Huhne. So who’s right? What will our energy bills look like in ten years time? And who’s telling the truth? (more about energy savings...)

Is technology making it too easy to spend money?

Modern technology continues to make shopping more convenient, with easy-to-use apps and devices that make cards redundant. So should we stop and ask whether money is becoming too easy to spend? (more about the future of spending...)

Ask Which? – What can I do about my high mobile bill?

Emma asks: I'm always worried about my phone usage, so every month I get a text saying I'm coming close to my data limit so I know to stop using data. Then, this month, I checked my usage online and was really shocked. (Q&A about high mobile bills...)

This week in comments – cycling, showers and wonky veg

Should cyclists pay some sort of ‘road tax’? How much water do you waste when showering? And will you take up the ‘wonky’ veg challenge? It’s been a busy week and your comments have left no stone unturned. (this week in comments...)

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