Conversations from: October 2011

Banks – quit “upselling” me stuff I don’t need

If you’ve visited your bank branch recently, did they try to sell you another financial product? If this is why you visited, then fine. But what if you were only looking to get some cash out, or order a chequebook? (more about banks upselling...)

Feed-in tariffs – will the sun stop shining on solar panels?

The government has announced drastic changes to the feed-in tariffs scheme, reducing the amount of money people can get for feeding home-generated energy into the national grid. Will this put you off getting solar? (more about changes to feed-in tariffs...)

Patient data breached five times a week. Do you trust the NHS?

The foundation of the doctor/patient relationship is trust, but it seems you can’t say the same of the NHS in this digital age. Patient data is apparently leaked five times a week – staff need to take extra care with technology. (more about NHS data breaches...)

Same car components, different brand name – does it matter?

There are hidden connections between many cars. The process of "platform sharing" has shaped the modern motor industry. But does it really benefit the consumer - or simply boost car company profits? (more about cars sharing platforms...)

Why I love Halloween

To me, Halloween means dressing up, enjoying some fun and games and getting into the community spirit. To many others it's a time to turn the lights out and pretend you're not in. Which camp are you in? (more about Halloween pros and cons...)

People-less bank branches? I want more than machines

More bank branches are being opened without human interaction in mind. As machines take over, customers are meant to enjoy faster high street banking, but what happens when something goes wrong? (more about people-less bank branches...)

The driverless Tube is now approaching – all aboard?

Driverless trains could soon zip their way through London Underground tunnels, according to a leaked Transport for London (TfL) report. Critics say the Tube would be worse off, but I think they’re over-reacting. (more about driverless Tube trains...)

This week in comments – death, gum and marriage

What happens to our digital lives after death? Should married people get cheaper car insurance? And how should we tackle chewing gum littering? You’ve been talking about these topics and more this week… (this week in comments...)

Which? injects some truth into bad Botox ad

Adverts for injectable cosmetic treatments are an uncertain area, but advertising Botox® through group buying sites is a no-no. That's why we contacted new site Wowcher and got them to remove an offending deal… (more about illegal Botox® ads...)

Should you switch to winter tyres?

Winter’s on the way, and you’ve probably noticed several tyre makers, car manufacturers and fast-fit centres promoting winter tyres. So should you go out and buy some for your car? (more about winter tyres...)

Are packaged accounts ever worth the money?

Do you pay for your current account? If so, your bank’s probably convinced you it’s great value with endless ‘must-have’ benefits. Still, if you’re not using them, it’s likely you’re pouring money down the drain… (more about packaged accounts...)

Co-op’s QR codes on food labels – will you go scan-tastic?

We've long been challenging food manufacturers and retailers to provide the right information on their labels, but The Co-op is going further by introducing QR Codes. The question is; will you be scanning them? (more about Co-op's QR codes...)

How will millions of people get to the Olympics on time?

If you're one of the lucky ones who got Olympic tickets, the next hurdle is getting there. Intrigued by the massive task of transporting millions of people by public transport in time, I took a look at Olympic travel options. (more about travelling to the Olympics...)

Tesco Clubcard points for my old TV – every little helps?

Tesco is spreading its wings again. The supermarket’s latest venture is an in-store electrical recycling service. But would you want to exchange your unwanted gadgets for Tesco Clubcard points or gift cards? (more about Tesco's trade-in scheme...)

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