Conversations from: September 2011

Are silver surfers put off by complicated computers?

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has challenged technology manufacturers to make computers more user-friendly, so older people can benefit from the web. But are computers really the problem? (more about user unfriendly computers...)

Is your letting agent ‘SAFE’?

A new scheme, SAFE agent, aims to reassure tenants and landlords that their money is held separately to the agency's. Amazingly, this isn't required by law, so is this scheme going to give renters peace of mind? (more about SAFE letting agents...)

We want the 4G roll-out now

Uzbekistan, Latvia, Armenia and Lithuania. These are just four countries that have already deployed more advanced mobile networks than we have in the UK. And the 4G wireless internet roll-out has been delayed, again. (more about the 4G roll-out...)

Water-wasting women: stop shaving your legs in the shower

Women are the new water-wasting culprits, according to Thames Water's report that we're wasting 50 billion litres a year. Is this kind of naming and shaming really going to encourage us to use less water, though? (more about water-wasting women...)

Cyber-snooping – your partner’s dirty little secret

Technology has turned us into a nation of snoops, according to Norton’s Cybercrime report. We’re apparently logging into our partner's emails and Facebook accounts to nose around. Do you spy on your partner online? (more about cyber-snooping...)

Is glasses-free 3D the future of TV?

Last week several members of our tech team packed their bags and headed to Berlin for IFA 2011. Among the throngs of new products, new glasses-free 3D TVs showed a glimpse of what the future might look like. (more about glass-free 3D...)

A Tesco in every postcode – what’s the problem?

Tesco, the supermarket behemoth, will soon have a store in every UK postcode – that’s over 2,700 stores. But is a “Tescopoly” really such a bad thing? Why do we have such a rocky relationship with Tesco? (more about Tesco's stores...)

Energy companies – stop being so pernickety about our bills

When energy prices are being hiked all over the place is it really fair to penalise customers further for insignificant issues like the name that appears on your bill? In my mind, these are just dirty pricing tactics… (more about energy companies...)

Food chains, just put calorie counts on your menus

We think all food chains should display calorie information on their menus. A bunch have already pledged to do so, like McDonalds and Pizza Hut, but there are others holding back. Why don’t they just bite the bullet? (more about calories on menus...)

Energy complaints are falling – but are we more satisfied?

Have you ever made a complaint about your energy company? Apparently the number of complaints has dropped, but does that really mean we're happier with the service, or could there be other reasons for the decline? (more about energy company complaints...)

New £5 notes – maybe we should revamp all banknotes?

The Bank of England is considering replacing the current £5 note with a plastic version, as well as making the £50 note more durable and harder to counterfeit. So is it time for a total revamp of the UK banknote system? (more about changing UK banknotes...)

When it comes to tech, energy saving is a turn-off

One of my bad habits is that I don’t switch off the TV at the socket before I go to bed - it drives my husband insane. But, according to our latest survey, I’m not alone. Do you switch off your tech products at night? (more about switching off tech...)

How much salt is in your sarnie?

A third of loaves contain as much salt per slice as a packet of crisps, according to Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH). Do you know how much salt is in your sandwich? (more about bread and salt...)

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