Conversations from: September 2011

Vegetarian options – don’t just remove the meat

Q: When is a burger not a burger? A: When it's a mushroom. Any veggie will know I'm referring to that classic, and all too ubiquitous, example of a poor veggie restaurant offering. So why can't our options be better? (more about rubbish vegetarian options...)

Should we speed towards a new 80mph speed limit?

So the government wants to increase the speed limit on motorways to 80mph and thinks it will 'boost the economy'. Maybe, but how will the change affect road safety and the environment? (more about higher speed limits...)

Q&A: Is it time to ban high-interest payday loans?

The payday loan market was worth around £1.9 billion last year. APRs of over 1,000% are common. So is it time to limit the interest rates they charge? Martyn Saville talks to Mark Lovell, Executive Chairman of A4E. (Q&A on payday loans...)

This week in comments – Tesco, iPhone and HP

Tesco's changing its special offers, HP's changing its recipes and Apple is (hopefully) changing its iPhone – otherwise we'll all be buying it blindly for no reason. Here's what you've had to say on all this and more… (this week in comments...)

New rules for chuggers – less hassle for us?

Fines will soon be issued to pushy charity collectors who follow you or get in your way. But will this encourage them to be less pushy? And why aren't they armed with information about the charities they're fundraising for? (more about charity canvassers...)

Enter the Amazon Kindle Fire – a real tablet contender

This week Amazon took the medal for one of the worst kept secrets in technology - its first tablet, the Kindle Fire. In doing so it's placed itself as a major tech brand, creating the first credible alternative to the iPad. (more about the Amazon Kindle Fire...)

DIY vs professional will writing – what works best?

We've long believed that you don't need a solicitor to write a decent will, and now the legal world has cottoned on. Do you think solicitors write better wills, and will new regulations change your mind? (more about who should write wills...)

Google denies self-promotion, but is it too powerful?

Google has denied fixing search results to promote its own services, according to the BBC. But with such a large share of internet traffic and information, is Google wielding too much power? (more about the power of Google...)

Pylons – should they be beautiful or cost effective?

Whether you think they're an indelible blight on the landscape or a part of our beautiful countryside, pylons are here to stay. So should we redesign them into works of art or keep the cost effective ones we've got? (more about redesigning pylons...)

Why are we still underwhelmed by 3D cinema?

How was your last 3D cinema experience? I can’t say I enjoyed mine, thanks to the heavy glasses. With only one in five saying that 3D improves the cinema experience, what needs to be done to win audiences over? (more about 3D cinema...)

Can breadmakers produce a decent gluten-free loaf?

Have you tried making gluten-free bread in your breadmaker? Were you disappointed with the results? Perhaps it's more important to change our mindset than our recipes in order to get a better loaf… (more about gluten-free loaves...)

With-profits funds – stop burning our money

We don’t think with-profits policies are a great investment, but there are still over 25 million of them in the UK, worth around £330 billion. But is the financial regulator doing enough to protect the policyholders? (more about with-profits policies...)

Currency exchange shouldn’t be a money mystery

With every news story about Greece’s impending default and the collapse of the European dream, Brits are feeling smugger than ever for sticking by sterling. But why is it so pricey to change our cash? (more on currency exchange...)

Even accountants can’t calculate the cost of energy tariffs

Q: Would you be able to work out what your energy bill would be if you were to switch tariff without using a switching site? A: No. We put 36 people to the test and only one could work it out. (more about calculating energy tariffs...)

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