Conversations from: August 2011

What’s really lurking in your child’s lunchbox?

Do you know the true nutritional content of your child's school lunchbox? If you opt for foods that are specifically aimed at children, you may be shocked to hear that they're not as healthy as they make out… (more about lunchbox baddies...)

Mortgage lenders giving debt advice – why not?

Thousands of existing Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley mortgage customers are being contacted to make sure they’re coping financially. Sounds like a responsible approach to me. So why the furore? (more about mortgage lenders...)

Farewell to 60 watt bulbs – are you sad to see them go?

This time last year, I was writing about the demise of the 75W traditional light bulb, banned under EU rules. Now it’s the turn of 60 watt bulbs, which will also soon be disappearing from shop shelves. (more about 60 watt light bulbs...)

Samsung goes back to matte with new laptops

Just one in ten Which? Convo readers prefer glossy screens, so it’s clear there’s an appetite for matte screens. Samsung has answered that need by announcing a range of non-reflective, anti-glare laptops. Tempted? (more about Samsung's matte laptops...)

Lost your phone? Shame you weren’t using tracking software

With so much personal information on our phones, it's more worrying than ever when they're lost or stolen. Step forward gadget-tracking software, designed to locate devices – so is it the answer we've been waiting for? (more about gadget-tracking software...)

How a bra made it into Stephen Fry’s 100 greatest gadgets

If you had to pick your top 10 gadgets from human history, what would they be? Stephen Fry went a step further by listing his 100 greatest gadgets on Channel 4 last night. But some of his picks might confuse… (more about Stephen Fry's gadgets...)

Post Office Local – will it stamp out our post problems?

We all need to use a post office occasionally and 90% of us apparently live within a mile of one. Have you still got one near you? If so, will it be there in a few years' time or will it evolve into a Post Office Local? (more about Post Office Locals...)

Has your diet been helped by a nutritional therapist?

Nutritional therapists can help identify patterns in your eating habits, but is their advice always nutritionally sound? My friend recently went to one, but the advice she was given has left me feeling curious about their role. (more about nutritional therapists...)

Sony’s latest camera – are viewfinders making a comeback?

We’ve been campaigning hard to alert manufacturers to the demand for a compact camera with a viewfinder, and it seems Sony's finally come up with an answer... provided you’ve got deep wallets. (more about Sony's OLED viewfinder...)

What’s your favourite slow cooker recipe?

Slow-cooked pork chops, leg of lamb… even lasagne is possible in a slow cooker - and it seems like the boundaries are being pushed to create ever-more creative dishes in this humble pot. What's your best creation? (more about slow cooker recipes...)

Ask Which? – Insurers won’t take note of my roof improvements

Irene asks: For over 30 years my husband and I have had buildings and contents insurance. In that time we've had two minor claims for storm damage (snow coming off the roof and through the conservatory). (Q&A on buildings insurance...)

Would you buy into shared ownership to save cash?

Thinking about taking the government up on its new shared equity scheme for first-time buyers? Before you grab that property ladder rung, there are some scary sums to get your head around first. (more about shared ownership...)

This week in comments – HP, PS3 & freebies

This week’s comment round-up looks at the myth of the "freeconomy", the cost of getting your PlayStation 3 repaired, and HP stepping away from its PC business, along with lots of other juicy debates. (this week in comments...)

Greenpeace calls the fashion police over chemicals in clothes

A Greenpeace investigation has found toxic chemicals in clothing from 14 global brands, including Adidas and H&M. Greenpeace UK’s Tamara Stark shares her anger and asks - who's responsible? (more about chemicals in clothes...)

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