Conversations from: July 2011

Ask Which? – My daughter fell for an eBay ticket scam

Stuart asked: My daughter recently purchased two tickets for T in the Park festival for £400 from a seller on eBay. She purchased the tickets in April and was told they would be despatched one week before the concert. (more about ticket scams...)

Advertised ‘up to’ broadband speeds are still pie in the sky

Ofcom revealed the results of its latest broadband speed test this week and although average broadband speeds have increased, advertised ‘up to’ speeds are more misleading than ever before. (more about 'up to' broadband speeds...)

Is blocking sites the right way to tackle illegal downloads?

A High Court Judge yesterday ruled that BT must now block access to the website Newzbin2 – a site that provides links to pirated films. But is this the right way to tackle illegal downloading? (more about illegal downloading...)

This week in comments – gardening, banking and buying British

Can you save money by growing your own veg? Will a Made in Britain logo work? These are just a couple of our hot topics this week – and it's not too late to tell guest blogger Vince Cable your views on banking reform… (this week in comments...)

Are car scratch removers up to… scratch?

How effective are scratch removers? Their name suggests they’re filled with miracle potions, but what can you realistically expect to achieve from scratch removers when you want to get rid of the scuffs from your car? (more about scratch removers...)

Ryanair, stop wasting time on misleading flight offers

So Ryanair has been told off by the advertising watchdogs once again. This time for an advert misleading people over an offer to fly from London to Dublin for New Year celebrations. (more about Ryanair getting rapped...)

We take Google+ for a spin – time to dump Facebook?

Google+ wants to be the latest addition in your online life. With millions opening accounts, we’ve taken the social network for a spin. Read on for our hands-on impressions – is it worth ditching Facebook for Google+? (more about Google+...)

Sir, you’ll have to lose another leg for a payout

You’d think your critical illness insurance would cover you if you lost a limb. Little would you know that you’ll need to lose two limbs for a payout. Bus driver Martin Wells faced this very situation… (more about critical illness insurance...)

‘Misleading’ beauty ad banned but the industry’s still ugly

The beauty world was abuzz yesterday with news that a L'Oreal foundation ad has been banned for retouching images. But doesn't this just highlight cracks in the industry that we already know are there? (more about beauty advertising...)

Growing your own – does it really save you money?

Around a quarter of us are growing our own food, according to our latest survey. And our primary motivation, it seems, is money – or rather, the lack of it. But does growing your own actually save much money? (more about growing your own...)

Stop anonymous abuse on social networks

Should you be allowed to use social networks to post comments anonymously? As a recent, and very tragic, story proves, the short answer is that it depends on what you’ve got to say. (more about anonymous comments...)

Is the smart meter roll-out a good idea?

When we launched our smart meter challenge, we were surprised by how many said they didn’t want one at all. And although we support the roll-out, we’re working hard to tackle the issues that could be bad for consumers. (more about the smart meter roll-out...)

Apple must act now over its ‘iTunes hack’

The success of Apple’s App Store could soon hit a bump. iPhone users are allegedly in danger of a scam that’s cost them dear. The worst bit? Not only is Apple aware of this, it doesn't seem willing to take direct action. (more about iTunes complaints...)

Loyal customers pay to call banks – new ones get it free. Why?

Do you say no to 0870 and other pricey numbers? Sometimes it's not always easy, especially when new customers are given free numbers to call a bank, while existing customers are told to call paid-for numbers. (more about charges to call banks...)

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