Conversations from: June 2011

Who digs gardening TV these days?

Gardening TV’s taking over, with stalwarts Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don now going head-to-head on ITV and BBC respectively. But isn’t it time for something new, or are you happy with the state of gardening TV? (more about gardening telly...)

Why does my energy company hold onto my money?

The other day I got a nice surprise when my energy bill arrived in the post, and found I’m in credit by £100! Great, but if I'm in so much credit, why is my money sitting in my energy company’s bank account? (more about energy bills...)

Debt companies shouldn’t offer Quidco cashback

Debt management companies are offering cashback through sites like Quidco. I think it’s wrong to offer a £25 incentive to people struggling with their finances, only to charge them hundreds in debt fees. (more about debt cashback...)

Olive oil – price doesn’t always guarantee quality

Olive oil seems straightforward, but actually offers a bewildering range of choices. And when you’re picking the best from supermarket shelves, forget about price - our research shows it’s no indicator of quality. (more about olive oil...)

Proposed holiday protection still isn’t good enough

The system for protecting your holiday cash if a travel company goes bust (ATOL) is about to be reformed. But will it be easier to understand? I'm not entirely convinced. (more about holiday protection...)

Did Travelodge make a bodge job of its data breach?

Is it just me or is there a data breach every other day? The latest is Travelodge, with its communication on the issue leaving a lot to be desired - the email it sent out was more confusing than comforting. (more about Travelodge's data breach...)

Who should pay out when companies fail?

With Dolphin and Möben calling in the administrators and Habitat in trouble, the high street's ‘doing another Woolworths’. Many have paid for goods they may not receive, so who should pay out when a company fails? (more about getting your deposit back...)

Do you avoid official airport car parks to save money?

Prices for airport parking can be sky-high unless you book in advance. Apart from pre-booking, you can save more cash by leaving your car several miles from the terminal. But is it worth it for a few pounds? (more about airport parking...)

We quiz the FSA about the future of financial regulation

The way financial services are regulated is undergoing a radical overhaul. We talked to the Financial Services Authority about its plan for a new consumer-focused regulator (the FCA) and what it means for consumers. (more about the Financial Conduct Authority...)

Success! OFT agrees ‘rip off’ surcharges are unfair

As People Power week’s under way, what perfect timing to reveal that your help has resulted in a consumer victory! We have exciting news about our surcharges campaign – and we couldn’t have done it without you. (more about the OFT's announcement...)

Where’s the love for holiday parks?

Are holiday parks, like Center Parcs and Butlin’s, up to scratch? Which? Travel research found holidaymakers aren’t too enamoured with them, so what is it that holiday parks are failing to deliver? (more about holiday parks...)

Mobile phone shops aren’t all out to rip us off!

Most of us visit high street shops when we’re looking for a new mobile phone deal, so we went undercover to see whether the advice they give is up to scratch. What’s your experience with mobile phone shop advice? (more about mobile phone shop advice...)

Radio 5 live and Which? team up for a week of People Power

This week 5 live Breakfast has invited Which? to talk about the consumer issues that matter to you. The show’s presenter Nicky Campbell joins us to introduce the series. (more about People Power...)

Do specialist travel companies make your holiday happier?

When booking a holiday, is it worth going to a specialist travel company? Our research shows it could make you more satisfied with your holiday – is that enough to encourage you to give one a try? (more about travel companies...)

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