Conversations from: May 2011

Is talking about money the final taboo?

Apparently we hate talking about money even more than illness and a little less than death. It's a shame, because the providers like it that way - and the more we keep schtum, the less we understand our finances. (more about discussing money...)

Thanks to banks, buying holiday cash costs more

The banks now have holidaymakers in their sights, charging extra fees to buy foreign currency even before they’ve left the UK. And that’s on top of what the Bureau de Change already charges you… (more about buying foreign currency...)

Kids’ junk food marketing gets an ugly makeover

Ronald McDonald may be an unfamiliar name with today's kids, but that doesn't stop them from being brainwashed by junk food messages. From social media to live events, marketing messages are getting a makeover… (more about kids' food marketing...)

Is it mad to trade your data for an online discount?

I recently heard data described as the oil of the internet, the lifeblood that keeps the World Wide Web spinning and a currency for savvy consumers to trade. But is trading your data for online discounts fair, or even safe? (more about sharing your data...)

The Olympics – would you rather jet off abroad?

Package holidays are selling well for summer 2012, or so says TUI travel. And that’s despite an average year-on-year price hike of £40 per person. Perhaps everyone’s trying to avoid the Olympics? (more about the Olympic Games...)

My 13 lucky rules to beat wedding costs

So you pop The Question. The victim says yes. Congratulations! You’ve just entered… the wedding industry. But are you prepared to play by their rules? Here's how to dodge the marketing tricks... (more about saving on wedding costs...)

The curious tale of SSE and the misplaced Which? research

SSE say they'll be appealing their mis-selling convictions, saying their sales processes are 'fair and responsible'. But we discovered what we think is misleading marketing material about a Which? energy survey... (more about SSE and our energy survey)

Want a ‘sat nav’ app to get round Tesco? Um, no thanks

I can’t quite work out whether the news that Tesco’s trialling a 'sat nav' app is a good or bad thing. For me, it’s just another bit of tech I can safely relegate to the ‘completely ignore’ space of my mind. But for others… (more about Tesco's sat nav app...)

This week in comments – Calgon, newspapers and barbeques

This week's best comments include funny ways to use papers (use them when you're 'caught short' anyone?) and serious suggestions for getting old people online. Plus, does coal or Calgon have a place in your home? (this week in comments...)

Can you afford to live to 100?

Of today’s population, more than 10 million are predicted to reach 100 years old. Should we be happy at the prospect of getting a royal telegram, or worried about who’ll look after us and how we’ll cope financially? (more about living until 100...)

Are we getting bored of the car?

Fuel and car insurance costs are sky-high and traffic levels are reaching gridlock – it's enough to make us fall out of love with motoring. But have we reached 'peak car' saturation where we choose to cast off the car? (more about 'peak car' saturation...)

What’s all the fuss about recalling Maclaren pushchairs?

No doubt Maclaren would rather put its infamous pushchair hinge safety woes behind it – but a safety notice has been re-issued in the US following more injury reports. But how does this affect parents here in the UK? (more about Maclaren pushchairs...)

It shouldn’t be a crime to rip CDs and DVDs

Last week saw the publication of a long awaited report on the UK’s copyright laws. One of its main recommendations was that the copying of CDs and DVDs for private use should be made legal. Isn’t it about time? (more about format shifting...)

Companies – stop leaving complaints for ombudsmen to sort

How often do you complain when a train's delayed or you receive terrible customer service? If companies took these complaints seriously it would save us the hassle of getting ombudsmen involved. (more about complaints handling...)

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