Conversations from: April 2011

Get married, change name, lose credit rating

The new Mrs Windsor may not realise it, but there's a lot of paperwork to complete after changing your name. You could even lose your credit rating – so how can you keep control when you go from Miss to Mrs? (more about changing your name...)

Are you buying in to Royal Wedding tat?

Are you sick of the Royal Wedding yet or are you celebrating in style with Union Jack-themed parties? There's no end to the Royal Wedding 'tat' you can buy to commemorate the big day – here's my collection of the best. (more about Royal Wedding tat...)

Why I’m smug about being a non-driver

Did you drive home for Easter? No doubt it was gridlock, with many starting an 11-day break. And then motorists have to pay excessive fuel costs and wallet-breaking insurance - I sure am happy not to be a driver. (more about being a non-driver...)

Recalling cars doesn’t make them sub-standard

Three cheers for Toyota, the car manufacturer that is willing to recall its faulty cars. But why can't others follow their lead instead of fobbing customers off when their cars may have serious issues? (more about car recalls...)

Raise your glass – to consumer victories

We often have a good moan, but that doesn't mean we aren't happy when things go our way. From the PPI Judicial Review to more notice on energy price hikes, here's our round-up of things to celebrate. (more about consumer victories...)

Are you a drilling disaster or a DIY demon?

What is it with Brits, bank holidays and DIY? Half of us are scared of do-it-yourself, yet over the Easter and royal wedding weekends, millions of us will strap on our tool-belts and trek to the local DIY store to stock up. (more about bank holiday DIY...)

Why did Sony wait so long to admit to PSN data leak?

Sony's Playstation Network has been offline for over a week, leaving users confused about what's going on. So why did it take a whole week to hear that personal information – including bank details – may be missing? (more…)

When is supermarket wine worth its full price?

Some wines are always on offer in supermarkets, or at least it seems that way. But are they worth their ‘full price’ or are endless special offers conning us into believing we’re getting a great deal? (more about supermarket wine offers...)

How does your mobile provider rate for customer service?

When you think about great customer service, Asda and Tesco might not be the first names on your lips, but when it comes to mobile phones they seem to be leading the way. How does your mobile provider rate? (more about mobile customer service...)

Stairs? We still want online shopping delivered to the door

Do you order from Sainsbury's online and live on the first floor? If so, you may find yourself carrying your own shopping up the stairs from now on. The question is, will this force you to take your custom elsewhere? (more about online shopping deliveries...)

Brain wave control – would you swap a handset for a headset?

Can technology really harness the power of our brains and use it to control video games? I gave the latest brain wave sensor technology a spin and found it hit and miss at reading my thoughts. (more about brain wave technology...)

Why I won’t stop to donate to charity collectors

Many of the charity collectors you see on the streets don't work directly for the charity and get commission for every person they sign up. Is this really a cost-effective method of fundraising for charities? I don't think so. (more about charity collectors...)

Have we really drawn a line under long bank queues?

Our latest bank research reveals surprisingly short queues in branches – does this match the experience at your branch, or do you beg to differ? Is it time to re-assess the stereotypical image of branch banking? (more about bank queues...)

How can we crack the problem of Easter egg packaging?

Be honest – how much waste have your Easter eggs created today? It's easy to get lured by the big boxes, but they contribute to thousands of tonnes of waste every year, so shouldn't we be finding fuss-free treats? (more about Easter egg packaging...)

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