Conversations from: March 2011

Vox pops: Could a tablet replace your laptop?

When we popped down to Apple's flagship Regent's Street store for the launch of the iPad 2, there was one question we wanted to put to excited buyers in the queue – will their new iPad replace their laptop? (our iPad 2 vox pops...)

Fuel costs are same as in ’80s – shouldn’t we be happy?

The price of petrol might be escalating, but are we really paying more for fuel than ever before? Our research found fuel costs are almost on par with 30 years ago, so should we be complaining? (more about rising fuel costs...)

Would you keep a washing machine that might explode?

If there was a machine in my home that could explode, I’d expect the manufacturer to inform me, apologise and get it out of my house. Quickly. So why isn't Candy recalling its potentially faulty machines? (more about exploding washing machines...)

Is it mad to splash out on posh and pricey pushchairs?

Britain’s economy has had a happy boost from a 13% increase in pushchair spending. According to a recent report by analyst Mintel, we’re now splurging £225m a year on them. But are posh prams worth the money? (more about posh pushchairs...)

The truth about your crab pâté… it’s mostly made of fish

If you buy crab pâté you're probably expecting to get a pâté that's made mostly of crab. But it’s not always so straightforward. Should we have to read the label of every product to see the truth about what's in it? (more about misleading food labels...)

Five cheers for the return of £5 notes

The banks are finally starting to stock £5 notes in their cash machines. I know I’m over the moon that more fivers will be back in ATMs, and for a short time at least, in my pocket. Are you? (more about five pound notes...)

Facebook’s instant ads as you type – a step too far?

Ever wondered if online advertisers can read your mind? Facebook’s instant ad targeting could certainly make it seem that way. But maybe targeted ads are a sacrifice we have to make for free online services? (more about Facebook's instant ads...)

Will our super complaint stop ‘rip off’ surcharges?

Being charged for paying by debit or credit card is clearly an issue that gets under a lot of people’s skin. We've now submitted our super complaint, but do you think this will put an end to greedy surcharges? (more about our surcharges super complaint...)

Nintendo’s refusal to set 3DS price was a smart move

Nintendo chose not to give its latest handheld games console, the 3DS, a recommended retail price in the UK. Despite this being left to exploitation by stores, it prompted a price battle that was good for us. (more about Nintendo 3DS RRP...)

Are you won over by John Lewis’ never-ending refund?

John Lewis has extended its returns policy to infinity, so now you're entitled to a never-ending refund. This is all good news, but is it something many of us will rush to take advantage of? (more about John Lewis refunds...)

Disabled passengers ‘passed around like parcels’ in airports

Airports are obliged to offer adequate assistance to disabled passengers, but our investigation found this often isn't the case. Our undercover reporter was left alone for hours in distress, which just isn't good enough. (more about disabled airport assistance...)

Our viewfinder campaign: Sony, Panasonic and Fujifilm respond

You answered in your hundreds when we asked whether you missed viewfinders. We took this avalanche of support directly to the big camera manufacturers - today Sony, Pansonic and Fujifilm respond. (more about our viewfinder campaign...)

Our viewfinder campaign: Canon & Olympus respond

Our campaign to bring back viewfinders to digital cameras prompted a huge reaction. Your comments didn't fall on deaf ears – we've challenged manufacturers Canon and Olympus to respond to your concerns. (more about our viewfinder campaign...)

Apologetic emails don’t make up for losing our personal data

What is it with companies emailing people to say their details may have been stolen from a third party? We've had a handful of these in just a few weeks, but we want to see them doing more than simply 'fessing up. (more about lost personal data...)

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