Conversations from: February 2011

What should we do with our plastic flowerpots?

I have something lurking behind my shed, and it’s getting bigger and bigger. I don’t know how to control it and I don’t know how to get rid of it. And I know I’m not alone. I’m talking about my plastic flowerpot mountain. (more about plastic plant pots...)

The ‘local’ lies on our food labels

How often do you buy food based on where it comes from? Many of us take a cursory glance at the label before adding it to the trolley, but it could all be in vain if recent research is anything to go by. (more about local food labels...)

Are ‘free’ solar panel offers too good to be true?

Following the introduction of Feed-in Tariffs, many companies are now offering free solar panels if you rent them your roof. It's one way to avoid stumping up thousands of pounds for solar panels, but is there a catch? (more about solar panel schemes...)

iPad 2 – there’s nothing to see here but hype

When and why did we start trying to second guess new products months before launch? The never-ending circle of hype centred on Apple only offers fuel for journalists to keep the flames of consumer interest burning. (more about iPad 2 hype...)

Do you recycle your old energy-saving light bulbs?

Recycling old energy-saving light bulbs isn’t just the ‘green’ thing to do; it’s the safest option, too. But is this message getting across – or are energy-saving light bulbs still ending up in the bin? (more about recycling light bulbs...)

Why can’t we get the APR rates we’re offered?

Working out how much interest you’re being charged on your credit card isn't as easy as it might appear. So why have recent changes missed the opportunity to sort out the mess and make things good? (more about APR rates...)

The Convo top ten – chatterbox edition

What a week of colossal activity on Which? Conversation. We've enjoyed an influx of over 450 comments in the past seven days, with organic veg, rip-off surcharges and British Gas profits all getting a look in. (this week's top ten...)

Peat compost – should it come at a higher price?

Environmentalists seem to be forging ahead in the peat war, with groups calling for a levy to be paid on all peat products. The question is, are you happy to be a peat-free gardener, or will you pay for the privilege of peat? (more about peat-free compost...)

Green cars good, green names bad

BMW revealed earlier this week that it is to set up a new sub-brand specifically for electric and hybrid cars. But are these new awkward eco names really necessary? (more about green names...)

Would you pay an unqualified driving instructor?

The blind leading the blind is probably not the most appropriate metaphor to use when talking about driving lessons. But let’s face it, you’d want to taught by a qualified instructor not a trainee, right? (more about trainee instructors...)

The end of shameful timeshare pressure-selling?

A welcome change in the law this week gives us more protection against rogue companies who use dubious means to coax us into buying a holiday club or trial membership to a timeshare. But will it make them stop? (more about new timeshare laws...)

Sat nav map updates aren’t worth paying for

Do you really need to update your sat nav map as regularly as manufacturers would like you to? They often come with a hefty price tag, but do Britain's roads change enough to make the spend worthwhile? (more about sat nav updates...)

Is money just too difficult to understand?

Two thirds of us find money matters too confusing to make the right choices, according to a recent poll. Isn’t it time our banks and building societies made things a little easier for us? (more about money education...)

Olympic tickets – too high a price for public to pay

The 2012 Olympics schedule provides a tantalising peek into the raft of events set to grace our country. Yet with tickets for some premium events priced at a wallet-busting £725, can the average family really afford to go? (more about Olympics Games tickets...)

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