Conversations from: November 2010

Are you still penny pinching?

For the first time in almost a decade, family spending fell last year. In 2009 the average household spent less on everything from clothes to package holidays. But are you still watching the pennies? (more about saving money...)

Which companies top and tail customer service for you?

Our new customer service survey here at Which? shows that while some companies are terrible, others are clearly hitting the right notes. Perhaps it's time to consider a change? (more about customer service results...)

Fees for holiday money are a pain

With Nationwide increasing its overseas charges and pre-paid cards still being hit by additional fees, paying to take your money out abroad can be expensive. Shouldn't banks do more to help travellers? (more about money abroad...)

Do you shop online or local at Christmas?

'It's just another manic Monday' is today's mantra for online retailers as they cash in on what's expected to be the busiest online shopping day of the year. Are you joining the masses, or will you shun convention? (more about manic Monday...)

London’s broadband lottery makes mockery of ‘up to’ speeds

It's a lottery out there when it comes to broadband speed - even if you live in a highly populated place like London. I happen to live in the postcode with the capital's slowest connection, and I'm not happy. (more about up to broadband speeds...)

Should GPs have the final say on NHS drug funding?

Latest healthcare proposals could mean that GPs are given more responsibility for funding medicines and treatments. Could this lead to better treatment for patients or make the postcode lottery even worse? (more about NHS drug funding...)

Solar-powered fairy lights don’t make gardens glitter

Can solar-powered fairy lights really work at a time when we're so bereft of sunshine? Put it this way – don't expect them to brighten your mood this winter and you won't be disappointed. (more about solar-powered fairy lights...)

Banks make being a power of attorney arduous

When it comes to helping you take on the affairs of your loved ones, banks need to get their acts together. Since, at the moment, they're making it far too laborious to be someone's power of attorney. (more about being power of attorney...)

Lost patience with expensive hospital entertainment?

Sometimes hospital entertainment systems are all patients have to keep them occupied. But the cost of using these systems, which combine a TV and phone, could put many of us off using them all together. (more about expensive hospital entertainment...)

The Convo top ten – magic eight ball

It's the end of another week and it's getting chilly outside. So to keep you in from the harsh winds, stay in and read our selection of this week's best Conversations and the comments that caught our eye. (this week's top ten...)

Would you put your cash into a Christmas Savings Club?

Christmas Savings Clubs promise to spread the cost of Christmas, but why use them when your money may not be properly protected and you're unlikely to be paid interest? (more about Christmas Savings Clubs...)

Supermarket ‘better value’ multi-packs not always better value

Supermarkets are still at it. We exposed Sainsbury’s and Asda a couple of months ago over claims that bigger multi-packs were better value, when in fact they were nothing of the sort. Now Tesco has joined them. (more about 'better value' multi-packs...)

Tablet PCs are inspirational gadgets

You get what you pay for when it comes to tablets, and £500 is a price worth paying for one of life’s computing luxuries. Just make sure you avoid the cheap imitations. (more about tablet PCs...)

Tablet PCs are inessential playthings

Stylish and slick, but overpriced. Wallet-friendly, but lacklustre. The current dearth of tablet PCs that can combine looks and functionality with affordability will put many people off buying one. (more about tablet PCs...)

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