Conversations from: October 2010

Consumerism is suffocating Halloween

Halloween spending has rocketed in the UK. And though we're not on a par with America, our high streets are more reliant on the holiday every year. Is consumerism ripping the barely beating heart out of Halloween? (more about Britain's Halloween spending...)

Do you agree with turning the clocks back?

Time to turn the clocks back again and mess around with our sleeping patterns. But is this current system the right way of dealing with dark days or is there a better – and safer – alternative? (more about daylight saving...)

The Convo top ten – fantastic four

It's the end of another week, which means it's time to highlight the best Convos and comments from the past seven days. And since this weekend comes with an extra hour of sleep, you'll be wide-eyed to browse. (this week's top ten...)

Health websites – helpful or harmful?

With GP appointments so difficult to get it's unsurprising that medical sites are so popular. But are they a useful resource for keeping you in tip-top condition or a hypochondriac’s nightmare? (more about health websites...)

The future of music in public places

Ever wished you could rock out to your own music in a restaurant? Well, our dreams could come true with this latest sound innovation that exploits acoustic chambers to contain our tunes. (more about the soundproof dome...)

Were older products built better?

Most of us have at least one old, trusty appliance that's faithfully serving us after many years. So here's your chance to sing its praises and give it a little love back as we search for the nation's oldest appliance. (more about trusty old appliances...)

Cheap printer ink – is it worth the gamble?

Branded printer ink is expensive, so opting for third party alternatives can save you money. But since many of you have contacted us about your negative third party experiences, are such cheaper substitutes worth it? (more about cheap printer ink...)

Do you know what goes in your recycling bin?

Do you know exactly what types of waste you can put out for recycling? You might be unaware of just how much your council will take if the results of our recycling investigation are anything to go by. (more about council recycling...)

Too many problems when patients leave hospital

Leaving hospital should be a happy time, showing you're on the road to recovery and ready for some home comforts. So why are so many patients reporting a poor experience? (more about leaving hospital...)

Petty train fines for getting off early

If you've gone to the expense of buying a train ticket to a far away destination, you'd think you could get off a stop early. But rail companies are playing a petty game of punishing travellers with complicated terms. (more about inflexible trains...)

‘Unlimited’ mobile use should do what it says on the tin

Don’t be fooled by claims of unlimited mobile phone internet or unlimited texts by many mobile operators. You could actually be left paying a fortune for exceeding your ‘unlimits’. (more about unlimited mobile internet...)

Has your data been Street Viewed without your knowledge?

Google's mission to map the world onto its Street View application came with a little mishap - it inadvertently took data from unprotected networks. It's now been discovered that this included emails and passwords. (more about Google's privacy infringements...)

Will Sony’s VAT-back offer make you buy a new TV?

Looking to jump into 3D by buying an expensive new TV? Or maybe you want to buy your nearest and dearest a laptop? Well Sony's hoping to grab your attention by giving you VAT back on some of its products. (more about Christmas tax-back...)

Time to put a stop to gazundering

Reports say that more and more house buyers are undercutting asking prices at the last minute – or 'gazundering'. It’s a practice that needs to end as it’s unethical – or is it? (more about gazundering...)

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