Conversations from: July 2010

Will we buy China’s cars?

Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall has announced plans to sell its cars in the UK next year. But will its cars steer their way into British buyers' hearts and minds? (more about Great Wall's British début...)

Fixed retirement age axed, but will we work longer?

The fixed retirement age will soon be scrapped, which at first glance looks like brilliant news. And it's certainly a good move, but for many of us, it may not make too much of a difference. (more about the fixed retirement age...)

Summer holidays are ripping us off

Most of us know that going on holiday during the summer months will probably cost us a pretty penny. But, do you realise just how much lighter your pockets will be? (more about summer holiday rip-offs...)

Is Metro Bank the beginning of a new banking era?

There's a new kid on the banking block trying to wow us with shiny service. Metro opens its first branch today and we've scratched beneath the surface to see if it lives up to its claims. (more about the first Metro Bank...)

Online shops still break the T&Cs rules

Why is it so hard for online shops to understand the simple rules there to protect consumers? Online T&Cs to catch up with the times and play by the rules. (more about bad online T&Cs...)

Top 10 pointless products to avoid

From 'energy savers' that increased energy usage to a Colour Catcher that turned whites pink, we've found plenty of pointless products. Are any lurking at the back of your cupboard? (more about pointless products...)

No one’s getting the broadband speed they pay for

It seems ‘superfast’ broadband speeds are often nothing more than a myth propagated by ISPs to grab customers. It's time they stopped misleading us with ads claiming false figures. (more about false broadband speeds...)

Would you jailbreak your iPhone?

Jailbreaking wasn’t illegal before and it’s not illegal now, but it's still pretty risky business and could leave you in breach of your contract with Apple. So is jailbreaking really worth the bother? (more about jailbreaking your iPhone...)

Hooray for Lloyds’ PPI u-turn

Today's news that Lloyds won't be selling payment protection insurance (PPI) anymore is a huge step forward in our campaign, but why ditch it now? (more about Lloyds PPI u-turn...)

Don’t switch off speed cameras

You’ve probably seen the headlines about government cuts forcing some councils to switch off speed cameras. So is it really the beginning of the end for the Gatso? (more about speed camera cuts...)

Is your mobile phone dirtier than a toilet flush?

Keeping your mobile clean probably isn't at the top of your must-do list, but after seeing the results of our mobile phone hygiene testing, maybe it should be. Read on and weep… (more about dirty mobile phones...)

Could you be hit with higher energy bills?

Uh oh. Despite it being one of the few months we don’t need to reach for the thermostat, the energy increase ‘will they/won’t they’ rumour mill has been stirring into life again. (more about energy prices rises...)

Fuel duty – a tax we should all welcome

Fuel duty is an emotive subject, as demonstrators have proved in the past - remember the Fuel Price Protests of 2000? But is a tax on fuel an effective way of limiting CO2 output? (more about fuel duty...)

The never-ending sale: the never-ending joke?

A Which? investigation tracking furniture sale prices reveals what most of us have long suspected – that sales never stop. Have you seen items on sale for longer than they should be? (more about never-ending sales...)

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