Conversations from: June 2010

Why 3D TV is destined to fall flat on its face

3D TV is an exciting proposition for home cinema buffs, yet the technology comes with a hell of a lot of baggage. It demands our attention and the emptying of our wallets, but TV shouldn’t be this hard to watch. (more about 3DTV hype...)

Have you been hit by holiday mobile bill shock?

O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile may have lost their appeal against mobile price capping in Europe, but we’re left frustrated that there’s still no protection for using your mobile further afield. (more about holiday mobile phone bills...)

Basic bank accounts shouldn’t equal basic service

Why are banks introducing minimum withdrawals on basic bank accounts at the counter? It's yet another move that hurts customers, coming as Which? launches its manifesto for banking reform. (more about basic bank accounts...)

Don’t fall for double glazing sales tricks

Making massive discounts may be the oldest sales trick in the book – but it’s a tactic that’s still working for the double glazing industry. Is a straightforward quote really too much to ask for? (more about double glazing sales tricks...)

Google’s invasion of privacy held to account

Roll over Google - you've been caught out again. The search engine giant could face legal action after it was found 'unintentionally' collecting private wi-fi data during its Street View tours. (more about Google's privacy woes...)

Should trans fats be banned from our food?

Nice has made a pretty dramatic statement with its latest guidelines, calling for a total ban on trans fats. Ok, they’re a particularly nasty fat type, but surely we can make up our own minds when it comes to what we eat? (more about trans fat bans...)

Train fares still not value for money

Passengers across the country have had their say – rail fares are still too expensive. Coughing up the price of a train ticket doesn't match the service we get. (more about rip-off train tickets...)

Do you like to be beside the seaside?

As Blackpool takes the ‘best seaside town’ crown, Travel Editor Lorna Cowan looks back on her childhood holidays there with great fondness. So are ‘nostalgia’ holidays becoming the next big British getaway? (more about seaside resorts...)

Flying with Ryanair gets even pricier

Tut, tut. Ryanair's at it again, adding more hidden costs to their supposed 'low cost' flights. Now you have to hand over even more hard-earned cash when you check your luggage in. (more about flying with Ryanair...)

Traffic light food labelling needs a green light

The European Parliament has taken its first vote on food labelling. What’s needed is a combination of labelling that includes the traffic light scheme – so why have they left it out? (more about traffic light food labelling...)

‘Family’ travel insurance may not cover your kids

Take out family travel insurance and you'd expect your children to be covered on holiday. In fact, due to outdated definitions of what a family actually is, they may not be. (more about family travel insurance...)

2,000% APR loans to stay on sale

Loan sharks aren’t the only way to get sky-high APRs. After a year-long review, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has decided not to cap the high cost of credit products. Has the regulator made the right move? (more about sky-high payday loans...)

The hidden costs of fixed-price car servicing

Car servicing bundles promise cheaper and predictable maintenance costs. But there's doubt over whether they actually benefit consumers, rather than just carmakers. (more about fixed-price car servicing...)

Discount vouchers: deal or no deal?

There’s been a flurry of research hitting our inboxes lately, revealing how popular online discount vouchers have become. So why can’t they give you a better deal? (more about dodgy discount sites...)

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