Conversations from: May 2010

Time to give cold callers a chilly reception

The 'big six' energy companies are promising to take notice of 'no cold callers' signs and stop knocking on your door. Great news, but let's just make sure they stick to their word. (more about avoiding cold callers...)

How to stay ticket-scam savvy

Fake festival tickets are on the rise, leaving many fans out of pocket and out in the cold. Here’s how to make sure you don't fork out for a festival you'll never get in to. (more about fake ticket scams...)

Facebook’s new privacy settings – cure or curse?

The wait is finally over and we can see the results of all the Facebook fuss. They’ve "listened carefully" (their words, not ours) and we now have a new privacy model. But is it enough to keep us happy? (more about Facebook's privacy settings...)

Can you spot a fake on eBay?

Forked-out for fake goods on eBay without realising? That’s a shame, but apparently we need to console the brands themselves rather than the little guy losing out. (more about eBay fakes...)

Net pirates shiver as ‘three strikes’ sets sail for Ireland

'Avast ye!' Pirates beware, Ireland's biggest net provider (Eircom) is the first to walk the plank on internet piracy, trialling a warning process that might just work. (more about illegal internet file-sharing...)

Rail companies think we’re first class fools

Rail companies are taking passengers for a ride, selling first class tickets for standard trips. That's like buying a VIP pass for a gig and getting a spot in the sweaty mosh pit. (more about phantom first class seats...)

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